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From Afghanistan to Madrid!

Tailak opened its doors in the neighborhood of RASTRO (La Latina) in Madrid 5 years ago and in August 2016 opened its 2nd store in CHUECA, Madrid.

Shop owner Hakim comes from a long line of nomadic carpet makers and traders which began in his family's ancestral home in Bukhara, Central Asia and then in Afghanistan where his grandfather found refuge in the 1920s after the Soviet Revolution. When Hakim and his family became refugees in Pakistan following the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, carpets again provided them a source of income. Hakim's family eventually resettled in their Afghan home in the northern town of Aq-Cha and Hakim moved to Madrid to open up shop.

By continuing to design and commission local rugs, he is able to directly help more than 300 Afghan families make a living and send their children to school. These families use the same techniques and beautiful designs that have been used for centuries and passed down from one generation to the next.
As a real lover of quality textiles, Hakim also collects and trades rare vintage or semi-antique tribal and Persian carpets, kilims, and pillows or cushions from all over Central Asia. Some of Tailak's rugs, for example, are unique pieces from Nomad tribes such as the Baluch, Tatari or Aimaq that were made for decoration and used to make their tents more comfortable.  
Rastro (La Latina)
Tailak specialises in Kilims (Flat-Weave) from Afghanistan, ikat fabric (Hand Woven Velvet & Silk) from Uzbekistan - ikat velvet cushions and ikat silk cushions, Suzani Embroidery modern & vintage, Stools & PuffsLamp Shades and many more home decoratives from Central Asia.

No matter whether you're purchasing a vintage textile from Tailak or something made more recently in Hakim's village of Aq-Cha (with wool sheared from their very own 3,000 sheep, by the way!), every single piece is truly labored with love, tradition and history.

Hakim believes that handmade carpets should be an affordable luxury -- affordable because he sells directly to his clients without intermediaries and a luxury because the value of a handmade carpet is so much more than its cost.

Since Hakim works directly with the carpet makers, any custom order is possible - just let us know what you're looking for!